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HQ Leads offers risk free lead generation solutions for SME’s in South Africa


We achieve this by billing our clients ONLY for the results (Leads) generated by a google ad campaign.


We cover all other costs from google ad budget, landing pages, domains, SEO, hosting and more.


Step 1 – Introductions
Email (sales@hqleads.co.za), phone or whatsapp us on 072 626 2664 to get started. All we need to know is what services you offer, and in what area you offer your services? (ie : home renovations in pretoria)


Step 2 – Research campaign
Once we have confirmed we can assist you then a research campaign fee
is required of R2950. This is the only time you will be sharing the risk with us as this is a non-refundable deposit. From this payment the following will be actioned…

  • Google Ads Campaign setup with R1200 spend included
  • Website or Landing Page designed and published
  • Real time chat support for the site during the campaign
  • All leads generated from the site are yours until the R1200 has been spent.


Step 3 – Start paying for leads only
Once the research campaign has been completed we will negotiate a PLR (per lead rate) moving forward. You will be offered pricing for 10, 20, 50 and 100 lead purchases at a time. These lead credits can be compared to cell phone airtime, whereby you can top-up at any time. As long as you have a positive lead balance you will continue to receive the leads.


Speak to us on 072 626 2664 (Call / WhatsApp)
or email on sales@hqleads.co.za

*** Please note that HQ Leads owns all intellectual property including domains, websites, ad campaigns, etc. By joining HQ leads you will be receiving risk free lead generation. This means we will be assuming all the risks and costs required to generate those leads. You just pay per lead.

Reach out to us

Let’s start a discussion, we look forward to hearing from you.