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Welcome to HQ Leads

Imagine you had the option to ONLY PAY FOR ACTUAL RESULTS OF ONLINE MARKETING!! – Now you can !!
You need leads, we can get you those leads, and this is how …


You let us know what leads you need, from where, etc. Give us as much information as possible so we can make a decision whether we can assist you or not.


Once we have given you your CPL – Cost Per Lead – you begin by purchasing 100 leads. THERE ARE NO OTHER COSTS. We will be building you your very own lead generating website / landing page which we use for google ads (which we pay for) and search engine optimisation. This website will be exclusively yours to use as long as you have a lead credit with us. We cover all running costs.


Once the ball is rolling, and you are happy with the results, and we are happy with the costs, then we have a successful campaign which can then grow exponentially. This is our long term goal, to assist your business by providing thousands of quality leads… the life blood of any business.

Reach out to us

Email us on admin@hqleads.co.za to request a quote